Monday, September 28, 2009

New Arrival Photo Frame 3R Size!

Mickey and Friends series

Mickey and Friends series {Photo Frames} fits 3r size photos
* at the beach
* at the amusement Park
*comic strips
*portrait of friends
made from a high quality cardboard.

qute kawaii DIY Japanese Food Sushi Miniature

do it yourself craft! requires very basic sewing skill.
Fun activities for the whole family.
Comes with an easy instructions, towels, colourful felts and needles.
*Only a few boxes left!* HURRY!


qute and lovely EARS pens!

what a qute n lovely pens. pick your choice yellow, white, tan or pink!
priced at RM1.50 each.
Bulk orders for party packs are welcome as well!

kawaii popsicles ice-creams!

qute foodie popsicles mechanical pencil A-MUST -HAVE items because it is so [kyoot]!

Priced at RM2.50 each.